In 1839, the concept of photography was introduced to the world. The image quality came nowhere near that of a DSLR, and didn’t have the “lifelike” feel of a shot on film, but its conception changed the world.

Parts of the unknown world were advertised via postcard. Stories could be told through a single image. And, for the first time, history was able to be truly documented.

A picture is worth a thousand words never held more merit as photojournalists and portrait photographers portrayed life throughout at the mid 20th century in ways never seen before. Initially becoming a photographer meant great patience, knowledge, and discipline. And while it still does, the process has been streamlined thanks to the advent of digital photography.

The Five Ws of Photography

Who is a professional photographer? Although anyone can technically pick up a camera (or their smartphone) and take photos of what they see, it doesn’t make them a professional photographer. A professional photographer is someone who has dedicated hours upon hours studying the perfect light to ensure a beautiful shot. They’re someone who hikes up a mountain to take a photo as the ‘golden hour’ illuminates a cityscape, and hikes back thrilled to see how their work turned out. A professional photographer understands that photography in the modern age is a blend of technical skill and passion for your work. Most importantly, a professional photographer cares about their clients and will stop at nothing to provide them with photos in a punctual manner. 

What is a professional photographer? A professional photographer is someone who has their days planned out and pours their soul, time and money into their work. They learn to get a feel for each subject and then shoot accordingly, making sure their images capture the essence of a person or event. Professional photographers come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share an intense adoration for their craft. 

When? Whenever their client desires–as long as it’s planned in advance and there are no prior commitments. At Christian Purdie Photography, we have shoots schedule so far as three months in advance. Our commitment is to our clients, and we pride ourselves on excellent communication and organization. When a client is in a bind and is looking for a photographer, we’re always willing to make sure their needs are met; however, that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage planning ahead. It makes it easier for all parties involved. 

Where? In many cases, a photography studio is the first choice for professional photographers. But for us, we like to bring the studio to our clients. We travel with an abundance of photography equipment–tripods, multiple lenses, flashes, the whole nine yards–so we can conduct photo shoots across the Las Vegas valley. Our mobility allows us to move quickly, find the best places in town, and meet clients who may not have access to transportation. 

Why? Because we love what we do! And we work hard to make sure our clients have photos that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Like a chef loves his kitchen and spices, or a painter loves his easel, we love our cameras and equipment. 

If you’re looking for a team of committed photographers to provide you with beautiful portrait images, or coverage of your event, look no further. Christian Purdie Photography is here to meet your needs and wants.


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