An Event Photographer at Tivoli Village

An Event Photographer at Tivoli Village

Event Photography in Close Quarters

Documenting an event can be a precarious gig. Are you shooting indoors or outdoors? What’s the capacity of your venue? Is it private or public access? All of these are important questions that should be factored into planning for photographing events of all shapes and sizes.  For our last shoot, the Christian Purdie Photography team went to Tivoli Village to cover a networking event. Although Tivoli is pretty spacious, we were confined to a small area that was relatively crowded. In order to make the shoot successful, we moved around carefully and frequently to ensure we took the best shots. Here are a few tips:

Good Lighting:

The networking event was in an outdoor rotunda after the sun went down. With the exception of the soft light coming from a chandelier overhead, the allotted space was fairly dim. In order to make due, we brought along two Westcott Soft boxes; a stationary box for backlighting purposes, and one attached to a tripod to be carried around. Our set up allowed us to create solid candid shots of people networking along with staged photos of people smiling. In a sense, we brought portrait photography to an event.

Courteous Movement:

Whether you’re working a gig or attending an event, it’s important to be polite in order to move around in a close-knit setting. For this specific event there were three of us: A photographer to capture the event, a videographer to document the event, and an assistant photographer to assist with lighting and equipment. A kind smile and friendly attitude goes a long way, and in our case permitted us to move around the close quarters with ease.


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