Professional Photographer | Body Language

Professional Photographer | Body Language

Professional Photographer | Body Language

One of the most important characteristics for a photographer to develop is the ability to read, understand, and work with a client’s body language. As a photographer, body language can sometimes tell you things that the client can’t or won’t say out loud. This can include feeling uncomfortable in a certain pose, feeling sad or distracted by something, feeling uncertain about how they look in the photos, and much more.

The key to being a successful Las Vegas photographer is knowing how to read that body language—and then effectively do something with that knowledge. For instance, say you’re working with a client who appears visibly sad. It could be that they are having a bad day, or maybe they feel their outfit isn’t very flattering, or they could be worried about how they’ll look in the final photos. You can help improve this particular client’s mood by taking in their body language—they appear sad—and doing something to make them feel better. You could crack a joke or two to lighten the mood, or make sure that your own smile is visible and bright; even a small compliment, such as “You’re really photogenic!” or “That outfit is going to work wonderfully on camera” could help brighten the mood during the session.

Some photographers think that being a successful studio photographer just involves being able to take a “good photo.” But a truly professional and successful studio photographer is someone who knows how to work with people, respond to their mood, pick up on their body language, and do everything within their power to make sure the session is a fun experience. In the end, a photographer who knows how to do that will end up with photographs that don’t just look better but are enjoyed and appreciated more by the clients themselves.


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