Senior Pictures Las Vegas - Once in a Lifetime

Senior Pictures Las Vegas - Once in a Lifetime

Senior Pictures Las Vegas – Once in a Lifetime

A few things in this world are truly once in a lifetime. And that includes graduating from high school–and entering the harsh reality of the real world. Just kidding–well, about the harsh part. One of the most popular traditions associated with graduating from high school is taking your senior photo. As a senior portrait photographer, senior photos will be a sizable part of your photo sessions, and it’s important to have the right frame of mind to ensure that you (and your clients–parents and high schoolers alike) will have the best session possible.

Senior photos are an investment in memories

It may not seem like it for teens to get their senior photos taken at the time, but senior photos from a portrait photographer are an investment in memories. One day, the seniors that may seem annoyed or embarrassed by the whole ordeal will find their senior photos tucked away in an album and be glad that they captured that moment in time. So, as their portrait photographer, it’s important that you treat the session with that in mind: you want them to remember their senior year photos with fondness.

Senior photos can be creative

Creativity is one of the best parts of working as a senior photographer, and senior photos are a great time to be creative–with client permission in mind. Many seniors want to take photos that reflect their personal interests, whether it’s a favorite hobby, a passion, or even a cool location for the shoot. You should talk with your photo subject and get an idea as a portrait photographer of what they want their photos to be like in the end.

Once-in-a-lifetime memories are surprisingly rare. And the notion of getting senior photos taken may even seem outdated in this world of selfies and smartphone cameras at our fingertips. But one day, the teenager checking their hair using the selfie camera on their phone while they wait for you to set up your camera equipment will be twenty, thirty, or forty years older, gazing back at these photos with a smile. Make sure that your session is worthy of that future memory.




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