The Importance of Location for a Portrait Photographer

The Importance of Location for a Portrait Photographer

Picking a Location as a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

For a portrait photographer, location is no doubt one of the most essential aspects of portrait photography. Get this wrong, and you’ll find yourself in trouble.  A great location will not only help you capture an amazing portrait; it will help you choose the excellent lighting, the fitting props and costumes, and suitable poses to capture a defining portrait.

So, what is a great location? I’m excited you asked. Just because a location is perfect doesn’t make it great. On the contrary, a great location should reflect your subject’s personality. If your location tells an incredible story about your subject, then you should know it is perfect. To choose a perfect pitch that reflects my subject’s personality, here is what I have found really helpful.

Reflect on Your Subject’s Personality

When it comes to selecting a great portrait location, your subject’s personality is everything. This isn’t surprising given the fact that you’re trying to tell a captivating story with your subject’s portrait. As a result, you must choose a location that highlights their personality and not one that is convenient for you. Also, you shouldn’t forget that different clients have their unique qualities; factor this in when choosing a perfect portrait pitch. Just because a location is perfect for a certain client doesn’t make it perfect for another. Which is understandable, because your subjects have different personalities. So, before even selecting a location that you think will be good for my subjects, try spending time getting to know them. I try to find out what they love the most, their hobbies and favorites places, and incorporate it into my photography. If you can do this, you’ll definitely end up with a great location for your clients’ portrait photographs.

Leverage Natural Lighting 

Yes, you have the perfect location, but have you figured out which type of lighting will do? To make the most out of my location, I always make use of natural lighting. This gives me a more realistic portrait of my subject. Sometimes, I even go for a brightly lit location that offers a vast array of diffused light. If you decide to go with an outdoor location, it would be smart to avoid direct midday sun that cast shadows and ruin your photoshoot. Consequently, you couldn’t go wrong to use some form of light shade. Hence, an overhanging tree or covered seating area will be perfect.



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