What to look for in an Event Photographer

What to look for in an Event Photographer

What to Look for in an Event Photographer

Over the course of one’s life, one of the things that will be constant is events. Whether it’s your birthday anniversary, marriage, your company’s corporate event, celebrating your child’s birthday, or organizing an event to host an influential person, events will always be part of your life.

Of course, events do come with plenty of planning. And one of the major things event planners discuss is the event photographer. Most of the time, you will need an event photographer to help you capture those moments that you may be too busy to witness.

An event photographer is the one person/company of event photographers that helps you keep those special moments alive by turning them into memories in the form of pictures for you to revisit. Apparently, getting an event photographer is super important. But more important is identifying what to look for in an event photographer.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on that next event, here’s what to look for in an event photographer:


As an event organizer, it’s your responsibility to ask the right questions. It’s these questions that will help you to get the best for your event. And while you may have all the questions in the world to ask, your next event photographer should provide an answer for most of the questions that you may have.

Understandably, they may not have answers to all of them. But when it comes to event photography, what to look for in an event photographer is the versatility to provide solutions to your questions.

Asks questions

Your next event photographer should be asking you questions too! If he/she is not asking you the client plenty of questions, you might as well start looking elsewhere for your event photographer. The photographer should ask what the client’s vision is for the images overall. They should also ask questions about the event timeline – getting information on all of the basic details like starting time and location.

Find out about turn-around time

Before you hire any photographer, you need to find out how quickly (or slowly) the event photographer develops the photos and produces results. Yes, a number of photographers may take great photos, but they tend to slow down when it comes to developing hard-copy photos or retouching digital images.

What to look for in an event photographer is to find out how quickly they can develop your photos. It’s best to get this agreement in writing to protect your investment.

Those are just some of what to look for in an event photographer. An event photographer shouldn’t just be a photographer with a nice camera and flash mounted to it. Every event photographer should understand mixed lighting, remote off-camera flash systems, and have the ability to edit photos as they shoot them so you can share your event photography session as we’re shooting it, not weeks later.

If you’re still wondering, an event photographer is key to the success of your event. And the above-listed points are just some of the things that will help you to identify a great event photographer.




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