Being a Fly on the Wall

Being a Fly on the Wall

An Event Photographer or Fly on the Wall?

One of the reasons Gay Talese’s article Frank Sinatra Has a Cold became so famous is because it taught readers a new way to document important events. Becoming a “fly on the wall” is necessary when you’re trying to observe your surroundings without drawing much attention to yourself. While it’s an important tactic for private investigators and journalists, it’s crucial when you’re on an event photography assignment. The primary objective for most event photographers is to patiently surveil your surroundings, take an excellent picture, and then go back to observing.

Different Events We’ve Shot

Christian Purdie Photography has successfully taken 1,000,000 photographs, which means we’ve covered our fair share of events. One of our returning customers has been Shay Hasselman, who hires us to photograph his networking events. In usual fashion, we arrive ahead of time, ensure our equipment is working properly, and then begin with the shoot. While we generally ask attendees for staged photos of themselves enjoying the company of other professionals in the area, candid shots really capture the essence of any event. However, to get the best candid shots we have to have a keen eye for our surroundings.

Perks of Being an Event Photographer

To be a photographer it’s crucial to maintain a degree of charisma. You’re being entrusted to document a special event, so it’s important you’re able to blend passion, skill, and technical know-how all while being personable. It might sound daunting, but it’s well worth it. Being able to discern a good shot from a great shot, and then executing a great shot is exciting. Having the ability to notice a radiant smile out of the corner of your eye, and then capturing that smile feels fantastic. There are moments that can be hectic, but it’s rewarding when you go through your shots and recognize your achievements.



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