A Creative Portrait Photographer

A Creative Portrait Photographer

A Creative Portrait Photographer

Creativity is a completely subjective concept–but good photos from a portrait photographer typically don’t fall under that subjective umbrella. There is a special skill in taking great-looking creative photos, and if you have that skill, your portrait photography clients may be interested in getting a creative portrait session. If they do express interest in more creative photos, it’s time to break out your portfolio and show them the best of your most creative work.

They might find a style or angle or creative concept that they would absolutely love to incorporate into their Las Vegas photographer session. In that case, as a portrait photographer, your job is much easier: you can employ similar creative tactics to their session to create photos that they will love.

Or they might not find anything in your creative photographer portfolio that suits their fancy. This doesn’t mean they don’t want a creative session, it just means that your current creative portrait photographer work just doesn’t incorporate what they are interested in for their own photos. In this case, you need to have an open discussion about what type of creativity they are looking for in their photos. If possible, have them find photos online that have a style they like, so you can work from that starting point.

If your client is willing and open to trying it, you might even get one of those rare things that a Las Vegas photographer rarely gets to do: something completely experimental and new! Some clients may be open to you spreading your creative portrait photographer works and flying–hopefully not into the sun–in a completely different direction.

As any Las Vegas photographer knows, however, don’t get too wild, especially on your own dime. You can take some brand new creative photos while still including more “sensible” creative shots to ensure that your client will definitely have something they love from your session.



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    […] Creative Portrait Photographer: Studio Portrait Photographers normally have a traditional background inside of a room. We bring our studio to our client’s homes or outdoor location of their choice. When shooting studio portraits inside of our client’s home we offer the convenience of not having to travel to a photography studio. Change of clothes, make-up touch-ups, and minor tweaks can be done on-sight, conveniently. This allows us to be creative portrait photographers since we’re not having to waste time with minor changes while we’re shooting giving us more time to concentrate on our clients. […]

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