Environment And Lighting In Portrait Photography

Environment And Lighting In Portrait Photography

Environment And Lighting In Portrait Photography

Being a Las Vegas portrait photographer, I can tell you that Las Vegas is in the top five sunniest cities in the United States of America. This sort of information as a portrait photographer is very important to my work. It determines the shoot schedule, places to use and when to use them. It also determines when to use the external flashes and where to use them. It is very important for any portrait photographer to be familiar with the lighting in their city or town, as it helps in determining the time and place they can use for a shoot.

Also, being a Las Vegas portrait photographer has made me realize that the earlier topic of connecting well with your subject also has an effect on the type of lighting and environment you use for a shoot. Portrait photographs are usually taken to tell a story. As a Las Vegas portrait photographer, I have come to learn that each portrait photograph tells peculiar stories. You have to have a conversation beforehand with your client regarding this, regarding the kind of story they want their portrait photo to tell. This will have a huge effect on the kind of environment and type of lightings to use for the portrait photo. Different clients want their portraits to convey different moods, which is highly affected by the background used and the type of lighting used.

Having been in different situations with different clients as a Las Vegas portrait photographer. I can tell you that you have to create your environment sometimes as not all backgrounds are available to you. If for example, as a Las Vegas portrait photographer, your clients need a New York background kind of portrait. It is your job to create this kind of scenery, using lightings and moving some things around. Environment and lighting are two important elements of portrait photography, it determines how the ambiance of a portrait photo.



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