Event Photographer | Getting Venue Shots

Event Photographer | Getting Venue Shots

Event Photographer | Getting Venue Shots

If you’re an event photographer preparing to embark on an event for your next client, why not surprise them with shots that are sure to impress them when the final samples are sent over? That’s right, we’re talking about the ever-elusive venue shots. Getting venue shots is the dream of any event photographer, but it’s often tricky due to the fact that getting venue shots requires the venue to be empty of guests and other elements that could clutter up the photograph.


Thankfully, the secret to getting venue shots is not particularly difficult. You need to show up early to the event if you want to start getting venue shots without dozens of guests, half-eaten dinner plates, or other frustrating elements cluttering up your frame.

Of course, when it comes to getting venue shots for any event photographer, there is one factor that is often overlooked even with the above advice in mind. How can you ensure that you show up early enough that the venue is decorated and ready to go, but not so early that the venue is not prepared with decorations or is simply closed to visitors until the client arrives? The key is to ask the client about the starting time of the event and to then show up about an hour before. If you show up earlier, the venue may not be decorated; but if you show up later, then early birds may have started to trickle in.

When you start taking your venue shots, remember to frame them within the context of the event itself. For instance, if you will be photographing a wedding, then a venue shot of the bridal aisle—complete with guest chairs, flowers, and the bridal runner on the floor—is an essential and iconic photo that you should definitely take.    

So, remember: as an event photographer shooting for the best venue shots, show up early—but not too early—and be prepared to think about which empty venue photos would be the most cherished by the client.



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