Event Photographer | Shoot as much as you can

Event Photographer | Shoot as much as you can

Event Photographer | Shoot as much as you can

Are you an event photographer who is either new to the event photography field or is worried about their performance? Then if so, we have one very important tip for you to follow on all of your event photography assignments: shoot as much as you can. Yes, you read that right: take as many photos as you feasibly can.


We know that you may be thinking—doesn’t this mean you’ll be spending ages combing through the photos you took that day, editing them when necessary, and then sending them over to the client for approval? Why should an event photographer not take selected photos rather than going for the shoot as much as you can approach? The answer is surprisingly simple: clients would rather have too many photos to choose from than not enough photos.

For instance, let’s say you are an event photographer at a wedding reception and you decide to shoot as much as you can. You will likely have photos of every guest at their table, multiple shots of guests dancing, people sharing quiet moments, and plenty of photos of the bride and groom eating, dancing, socializing and otherwise enjoying their big night. A client who is presented with all of these options is more likely to be pleased that there are so many memories of their event available. Whereas if you did not take the shoot as much as you can approach, then the client may be asking questions such as: why didn’t you take photos of my father at the bridal party table? Why are there photos of these guests at table #1, but not the guests at table #3? If you had taken plenty of photos, then the client would have no reason to be upset about the lack of certain moments or subjects.

It’s not always easy to make judgment calls when you decide to shoot as much as you can. But as long as you view the assignments with your professional photographer’s eye, you are sure to make the best choices that will keep your clients happy and raving about your photos.



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