Getting Up Close – Event Photographer

Getting Up Close – Event Photographer

Getting Up Close – Event Photographer

Event photography seems interesting and fun, but it is more technical than you think. In fact, as an event photographer, you must understand what it takes to cover an event successfully. This will go a long way to determine the quality of your photographs.

One of the things you must know and practice is getting close to the subject or scene you are capturing. This may look weird but it is very important. It will make you have a perfect shot of your subject without any distraction.

Most event photographers who have mastered the art of getting up close to scenes or subjects before taking shots always end up impressing their clients. Getting up close to your subject can be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but with frequent practice, it will become part of you.

Your major concern at every event should be making your client happy, as a happy client will always hire your service in the future.

This is why you must always go extra miles, apply new tactic and techniques to make your shots look great and mind-blowing. There are several reasons why an event photographer should get up close to a subject or scene during an event. Some of these reasons are;

#1. Better View of the subject

One of the reasons why it is advisable for an event photographer to be closer to his subject is that he will have a better view. This will enable him to detect if there is a shadow or any other element that is likely to distract the image.

#2. Better Lighting

When you are covering an indoor event, you also need to get closer to your subject, this is because the lighting of your flash tends to illuminate better on it when closed. This will bring about a better photograph.

#3. Put Your Subject in A Snapping Mood

When you get close to your subject before taking a shot of them, it will generally put them a photograph mood. They will put a nice smile on their faces to make the photograph more exciting.



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