Headshot Photographer for Men

Headshot Photographer for Men

Headshot Photographer For Men

The world we live in today is one that is very visual. Every major aspect of our lives is somehow incomplete without some form of visual validation.  Whether it is for business, for networking, for socializing or for application, putting a face to accompany the process is almost an obligation. In essence, your headshot says a lot more about you than you imagine.

We absolutely understand how a great visual headshot can help portray your personality, brand, or business. And as a Las Vegas headshot photographer, we have been in photography long enough to know that shooting headshot for men and women may be two sides of the same coin, they are not entirely the same. While the woman is willingly smiling and posing for the camera, the man usually seem like a fish out of water who take life too seriously! Hence, a dedicated approach may be needed to get the guys out of their shells and deliver those striking poses we know every man is absolutely capable of.

Tips for Posing Men Headshot

  1. Control What You Can:

When posing men for a visual headshot, I only worry about controlling what I can control. Their physical attribute doesn’t matter much here. Their height, skin tone, or size matters little. What really matters is the style they want to adopt. As a Las Vegas Headshot Photographer, I make them understand that their choice of clothing and accessories define their style to a large extent. Also, overly stylish appearance could be distracting. Taking the focus away from the subject’s face. We don’t want that. At most, we aim for balance in showcasing the styling as well as the face.

  1. Understand The Goal Of The Photos:

This should determine how they need to strike the pose. They might want to look tough, so it is useless trying to force a smile in that respect. They may want to look happy, or in charge, or friendly. In any case, the posture should reflect the purpose of the photos. A good idea for an executive pose is too have to have my subject squat and place the hands on the knees. Male poses are usually defined by where the hands are placed, especially when you have them sitting down or squatting. For the Las Vegas Headshot Photographer, you have to communicate directly. 

  1. No Touchy. No Problem.

Boys will be boys and their natural inclination is to be reluctant to touch each other. Especially when you are photographing a group of men who are not family. If they are many, I usually have them spread out and keep their hands in a visual manly position. If the shooting is long enough, they usually become more receptive to new ideas and if you’re lucky (like I mostly am), you can get the chance to have a more tightly knitted pose for the camera.



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