How A Headshot Photographer Should Deliver Photos

How A Headshot Photographer Should Deliver Photos

How A Headshot Photographer Should Deliver Photos

It’s a digital world out there and nowhere is this more apparent than when you are working as a Las Vegas headshot photographer. In the past, photos would typically be delivered exclusively through prints–especially as the popularity of digital printing took off and many photographers preferred to keep digital files away from clients, who would usually take them and get cheap prints from drug stores or Walmarts instead.

Today, however, you can’t escape the necessity of offering digital prints–yes, even if it means they’ll be getting prints cheap rather than directly from you, their Las Vegas headshot photographer. Let’s take a closer look at how you should be delivering your photos to your clients in today’s day and age.

Digital vs. Prints

As we mentioned, it’s no longer feasible to offer only physical prints of photos–especially since many photos will end up being used on social media and websites anyway, so clients prefer not to have to go home and scan them for later use.

The difference between digital delivery and physical print delivery involves two key factors: cost and time. Digital “prints” can be delivered very quickly, sometimes even within an hour (or less) of the session is over depending on the type of files created as well as how much editing was done or necessary. Physical prints must be developed and/or printed, either through your own developer studio or through a third-party service. This means it can take a few days to get to clients, or possibly more depending on the type of printing required.

Should You Deliver Digital Only?

Some Las Vegas headshot photographer services are switching to digital-only print services in order to avoid the expense of printing photos themselves. Whether or not you should stick to digital-only really depends on the type of clients that typically hire you; do most of your clients prefer digital? Do they request physical prints in order to put them in portfolios? You should take a look at your overall client base and then make your decision around them.