Editing A Headshot Photography Session

Editing A Headshot Photography Session

Editing A Headshot Photography Session

When you are working as a Las Vegas headshot photographer, you will be doing quite a bit of editing. Thankfully, headshot edits are not typically as extensive or involved as editing for other types of photography–such as creative portrait photos or wedding photos–but the need for editing still exists even with standard headshots. If you want to know more about how you should be editing your headshot sessions as a Las Vegas headshot photographer, read on to find out.

Why Edit?

Editing has many values depending on the nature of the headshot session. Editing can be done in case there was poor lighting that needs to be corrected or in case something in the photo needs to be removed. For instance, you may need to edit out a stray black hair that found its way on someone’s lighter suit jacket; or you may need to crop the photo in order to get a better frame effect.

For the most part, editing headshots as a Las Vegas headshot photographer won’t take up too much time. Headshots have a simple composition that won’t require much creative cropping and the nature of a headshot photo means that there won’t be to much variance in lighting or other issues that may inspire you to edit.

What To Look For When Editing

As a Las Vegas headshot photographer, you need to know what to look for when editing–and know when to edit and when to leave something alone. As a general rule, removing elements such a stray hair or crumb on a shirt or removing lens-flare from someone’s classes is standard editing; but when it comes to altering appearance, make sure that you have tactful client approval before you start editing anything remotely similar to acne, red skin, and so on.

Once you get into the groove of editing, you’ll find that editing headshots are a relatively quick and painless experience.