How to become a great Event Photographer

How to become a great Event Photographer

How to become a great Event Photographer

Event photography is one of the most fun ways to capture people on film. Not only are there engaging photo opportunities at every turn, but you will get to spend hours of your time doing what you love best—taking great photos. Taking photos at the event from the photographers perspective is one of constant action and movement, but there is one thing an event photographer needs to keep in mind in order to be successful at your job.


Ask the clients if they have a shot list

The goal for any event photographer is to take photos that will leave the client satisfied and willing to recommend you to other customers. This means paying attention to what the client wants, not just taking great photos.

Your client might want great shots of the speakers at his corporate events, the bride might want romantic sunset photos at the end of the day, or the mother of a birthday child may want close-ups of cute baby feet. As an event photographer, it is your job to ask about it.

Many times these requests are sensible photos you planned to take anyway, but other times they might not be something you thought of. Perhaps the bride lost her father and wants to take posed photos where her father is photoshopped in, or the corporate event was hoping for candid shots of employees having fun and goofing off. You can make an impression as a great event photographer by asking about these. On the other hand. If you fail to ask, you may end up wasting their efforts in hiring a photographer.

While your client may still like the photos you took, they will be even happier if the Las Vegas photographer they hired match everything they wanted and more. Asking about what photos they might want in particular also shows that you care, and are willing to communicate. These are all important pieces to getting a great review. As a Las Vegas Photographer, thinking about your customers and their wants is a way to separate yourself from other photographers. A Las Vegas photographer that is thoughtful will always be favored over a Las Vegas Photographer who didn’t ask about the client’s needs.

Make sure you understand what they mean

Sometimes what clients say isn’t exactly what they mean when speaking to their Las Vegas Photographer. It helps to ask questions if you are uncertain of what the client is saying. A client might ask for photos in the morning and could mean either dawn shots with the morning atmosphere or simply everyone hanging out with their morning cup of coffee. Getting what they truly want in your mind is well worth any questions you may have to ask. Clients love a photographer that thinks things through—a photographer willing to put them first.

Pleasing clients is what every photographer should be about. Taking great photos is only one piece of the puzzle. Take the time to communicate with your clients, and you will get shots that make both you happy, and your client.



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