Las Vegas Photographer - Low Light and Tips for Beginners

Las Vegas Photographer - Low Light and Tips for Beginners

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Low Light and Tips for Beginners

No professional Las Vegas portrait photographer wants to be faced with a situation where they realize there’s not enough light to get good photos—but it happens. And it happens more than you’d expect. You may find yourself entering a conference center with no windows to the outside and dimly lit yellow bulbs everywhere; you might be taken into a crowded restaurant space that you thought would have tons of natural lighting, only for the day of the event to be overcast and dimly lit. There are tons of ways as Las Vegas portrait photographer will suddenly find themselves in an “oh, crap!” situation with low light and seemingly no way out. The key to handling these situations as Las Vegas photographer is to be prepared for low lighting in advance or at least know how to handle low light situations when they are thrown your way.


Test, test, test! In order to navigate a low light situation with ease, you need experience. And while winging it on the job is certainly an experience, it’s not something you—or your clients—will enjoy doing. The best way to gain skills in handling low light as a Las Vegas portrait photographer is to test, experiment, and practice beforehand. Take photos of friends and family in a variety of low light spaces. Play around with different lenses and cameras and types of portable external lighting to get a feel for what works—though note, as  Las Vegas photographer, there may be plenty of instances where using external lighting (flash or otherwise) is prohibited or discouraged by your client.

Come prepared for low light Always enter any Las Vegas photographer job with the expectation that you may be facing low light. Even if you know the space like the back of your hand and every room is completely covered with floor to ceiling windows, even if the client says the lighting is great, even if fellow photographers have said the lighting in the space is great—you never know what may happen once you get there. As a professional Las Vegas portrait photographer, it’s always better to be prepared and not need your low lighting gear than to find yourself needing it while it’s sitting in your home miles away. Remember, plenty of experience and the right gear are essential for handling low lighting like a Las Vegas portrait photographer pro!



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