Aerial Photographer

Aerial Photographer

Las Vegas Aerial photographer

Aerial photography Las Vegas is one part of our photography that is really gaining popularity. We have invested in proper equipment for taking picturesque and scenic photos. Using proper well-set drones we are able to snap proper 3d images of your object and create fantastic portraits.

The best part about Las Vegas aerial photography is that it amplifies the background in incredible ways by taking the object from pre-set heights. Aerial photography Las Vegas should not be confused with air-to-air photography.

Best Quality Aerial Shots

We can use it for cartography, landscaping photo-shoots, and providing a wide angle view of an area for mapping. As a team, we have an incredible experience as well as top notch equipment that have helped us snap wonderful shoots for our clients. Starting with the basics we have a drone with stabilizers that has a gyroscope technology. We have also stocked several filters to enable me to get the right effects from the images that I am taking.

With large storage spaces, we have always set out to provide chic and prime photos. Through the years, I have realized that the best photos not only take into account horizontal references but also vertical references. This is something I consistently achieve by making the vertical edges of the object parallel to the edges of the photos. This way I have always been able to produce proportional photos that combine symmetry, art and impressive visuals.

Taking Multiple Shots

Through the vantage angles, we are able to take different images from different angles. While it creates some geometric distortions in terms of scale, angular distortion and resolution, these distortions do not in any way affect the overall quality of the photos since aerial photography is an exercise in capturing moments and not creating proportional references like aerial mapping.
Through the accuracy of the equipment and the experience acquired over the years, I am able to fix the altitude, film format, and focal length through photogrammetry. I’ve got permits for my equipment as well as certifications for my photography practice. In addition, to that, I have conducted numerous flight safety training for both certification and training to enable me to master the basic concepts of aerial photography.

Some of the best aerial photography shots that I have taken have covered several major photography fields including architectural, real estate as well as event photography.

I have utilized many aerial photography drones that I have worked with over the year and I have to say the current one in our stock is one of the most stable and aerodynamic drones for aerial photography.



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