Las Vegas Corporate Photographer - Posing

Las Vegas Corporate Photographer - Posing

Las Vegas Corporate Photographer – Posing

As a photographer who has spent several years in the industry, it is very easy to assume that you’ve known it all. And even if you’re the rare type that insists on constant improvement, you may not have given much thought to studying posing.

Most photographers, both the old and the new, place a lot of focus on finding and using the latest gadgets. While this is a good thing, you must also be concerned about getting the best shots for your clients, a feat that goes way beyond having the best gadgets at your disposal. One way you can make yourself and your brand indispensable to your client is to help them with their posing.

As a Las Vegas corporate photographer, it will help a great deal if you made your research on posing in photography. Naturally, and this is the truth, most of your clients do not know what they want. Alright, maybe a few come into your studio having an idea of what they want.

However, that number is nothing compared to that of those who have no idea what they want. The fun part is this latter category of people wants what everyone else wants: a shot that they can show to everyone. A shot they can look back on and smile. And it’s your responsibility to help them.

It may be impossible to help them 100%. However, you can do your own bit by understanding photography, most especially posing. Depending on who’s involved, there are many sides to posing in photography. This is a subject some Las Vegas corporate photographers already excel in. However, some still struggle with this. And this is the part where this article can come handy for you.

To become a better photographer, one that your client loves so much, here are a few ways to go about posing people for photographs:

  1. Be Specific

Don’t just ask them to stand there or sit there. While they may not know what they want, you as the Las Vegas portrait photographer should be detailed in what you’d like to get out of the session. If you’re shooting the CEO of a company, they’ll look better with their legs crossed. Whatever style you choose, consider the persona of your client.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to be specific.

      2. Shapes

If you’re into Las Vegas corporate photography, one of the best ways to go about your photography is to find and use shapes. These shapes can give the viewer of your work different outlooks while showing power and strength.

      3. Be a Source of Inspiration

Posing, for some people, comes naturally. For some others, it’s the most difficult thing to do. Their body shuts down and they become unsure of how to place their body or where to look. In this kind of situation, although they may not say it, they’re looking to you for some inspiration.

Be their guide. Study their persona and direct them accordingly. No, we’re not asking you to become a psychologist. We’re only suggesting that it’s your duty to let them know that there’s no perfect/magic pose. Help them to be themselves.

Use these tips to help your clients and they’ll love you more and even bring you more customers.



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