Las Vegas Outdoor Headshot Photographer

Las Vegas Outdoor Headshot Photographer

Las Vegas Outdoor Headshot Photographer

Want to take your headshot photography game to the next level? Then embracing outdoor headshot should be on your cards. Outdoor headshots have added something really cool to headshot type photography. And as a headshot photographer who wants to be regarded as the best, you must embrace this trend. Without a doubt pulling this off can be quite tricky nevertheless, if you’re serious about becoming one of the best headshot photographers, you have to get this into your CV. Let’s face it, an outdoor headshot adds some really modern touch and appeal to your subject headshot. Besides the fact that outdoor headshot adds some spark to your headshot session, it helps your subject to relax and enjoy the whole photoshoot session while it last. So, if you’re looking to make this work for you, here are some tips that have helped me over the years.

Learn to manipulate lighting

Shooting a perfect outdoor headshot will depend largely on your ability to tweak and manipulate lighting. Yes, when it comes to outdoor headshot, lighting is everything. You’ll have to determine whether to go with natural lighting or go for more artificial lighting. Whichever you settle for is perfect so long you know how to manipulate it to your favor. At the end of the day, you’ll want to be able to go with lighting that highlights your subjects as much as possible while eliminating every trace of shadow. If you want to go with natural lighting, you will want to ensure you choose the timing perfectly. While natural morning lights can be softer, afternoon light can be very harsh.  So, to get this right, you have to employ a unique and smart approach.

Diffusers are a must

When it comes to shooting a great outdoor headshot, you cannot shoot a decent headshot without the help of diffusers. Diffusers will help you manipulate the lighting in your favor. Since I started out shooting outdoor headshot, I have found diffusers absolutely spot on. With diffusers, you can reduce the intensity of both natural and artificial lighting. This creates a softer light that is ideal for headshot and portrait type photography. Another thing you’ll want to have is a fast lens of about 70-200mm. This is awesome for the kind of headshot you want to shoot.

Spark up the mood and choose the right poses

Mood and poses are two essential ingredients you cannot do without. Yes, a good camera, the perfect costume, and props are awesome when it comes to shooting a great outdoor headshot, but nothing can substitute for mood and poses. To get the perfect pose that will highlight your subject’s headshot, you’ll need to know the purpose of the headshot. This way you can quickly brainstorm on what pose you think will do. More so, you’ll need your subject to be relaxed. This will put them in a great mood before the photoshoot session.


An outdoor headshot is becoming quite popular and trendy. There is no reason you shouldn’t add this to your CV as a headshot photographer. Follow some of the tips I outlined above and you’ll be good to go.



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