Las Vegas Photographer - Punctuality is Key

Las Vegas Photographer - Punctuality is Key

Las Vegas Photographer – Punctuality is Key

If there is one thing you must learn as a Las Vegas photographer, it is this: you must always be on time. In fact, you must do better than be on time: you should be early! Clients do not want to hear excuses, no matter what the reasoning you might have for showing up late. And in today’s mobile device friendly world, there’s no reason why you can’t do everything possible to plan ahead as a Las Vegas headshot photographer to ensure that nothing goes wrong on the way to the event.


Plan out the route ahead of time

Never, ever put the directions to the event into your phone’s map app for the first time on the morning of the actual job. You never know what the route will be like on that day and, as a photographer, you need to be prepared for everything from unexpected traffic to road closures to simply confusing directions that could result in you being late. If you plan ahead, you can check for the quickest route, look up expected traffic patterns, and plan accordingly.

Look up the weather before you head out

Another factor that may impact your ability to show up on time as a Las Vegas headshot photographer is the weather. Heavy rain and possible flooding, high winds, and other weather patterns can make it difficult for you to get to the venue on time. Unfortunately, as it was mentioned before, clients do not want to hear excuses. Always look up weather patterns before your job as a Las Vegas headshot photographer in order to ensure you can plan around them. The only time when the weather is an excuse is when it is life-threatening; other than that, plan ahead for rainy drives or windy days.

Show up early

You should never plan to show up “on time” as a Las Vegas headshot photographer. You need to show up to the event early. This is especially important if the event takes place in a hotel, conference center, or other building with lots of rooms which make it more difficult to find the job site. When you show up early, you will give yourself time to figure out where you need to be, so you can set up your Las Vegas headshot photographer gear.

Final thoughts

No one likes to hear excuses. To quote a vulgar but true enough quote: “Excuses are like a-holes. Everyone has one and they always stink!” Do not give your client any reason to poo-poo your excuses by preparing your route and handling potential issues before you head out for your job.



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