Moving Around But Not Too Much – Event Photographer

Moving Around But Not Too Much – Event Photographer

Moving Around But Not Too Much – Event Photographer

Covering an event is different from any other form of photography. This is why being proactive and creative are two important quality every event photographer must possess.


Covering an event as a photographer is a herculean task, but when you understand the technique, it will very easy for you. When capturing people in an event, you should be mobile, not static. This will enable you to take perfect shots of breathtaking moments in the events.

When you move around, you are likely to have a detailed capture of all the memorable moments in the event, this will definitely put a smile in your clients’ face. As a rule, don’t allow your moving around the venue to cause a distraction. Do it with caution and ensure that you aren’t easily noticed during the movements. This can cause a serious distraction in the hell.

However, having an assistant with a second camera with help you limit your movement. In fact, you can be handling one angle and your assistant will be handling another. With this, the movement will be very minimal and you will be inconspicuous.

In an outdoor event, an event photographer can keep a reasonable distance and shoot the key elements on longer lenses. Even if you are going closer to your subject, ensure you don’t obstruct the audience view.

Also, it is very wrong for you to be moving around the altar or high table which is the center of attention for the entire event. This will definitely serve as distraction and people will start grumbling. To avoid this, move quietly and try to be inconspicuous.

There are instances when it is not allowed for event photographers to move around too frequently in an event. This is why it is advisable to have extensive communication with your client before the main event, this will give you an idea of the ground rules guiding the entire events.



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