Not Everyone Will Like Your Photos

Not Everyone Will Like Your Photos

Las Vegas Event Photographer – Not Everyone Will Like Your Photos

One of the hardest parts about working as a Las Vegas corporate photographer is accepting the fact that not everyone at the event will like your photos. You may even have to deal with those oh-so-common facts of a Las Vegas photographer’s life: emails or text messages about how your photo of them as unflattering or, in so many colorful words, just plain awful. But the fact of the matter is that it is impossible to have everyone at a corporate event like your photos because of the sheer number of people in them. When you take photos of 100 different people, that is 100 different opinions in the mix, and at least some of them are bound to not like your Las Vegas photographer work. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you deal with unhappy corporate subjects.

Use your judgment if someone really does appear unflattering

Sometimes, a complaint about an unflattering photo isn’t exactly off the mark. As a photographer, you need to learn your best judgment in regards to photos, especially when you’re taking photos of people who will want to appear their best. It might be prudent to prune photos where clients do appear exceptionally unflattering, except in cases where they are photos that the paying Las Vegas corporate photographer client has requested.

Learn to smoothly apologize

If there is one tactic you will need to learn as a Las Vegas corporate photographer, it’s the art of the Las Vegas photographer apology. Even if you haven’t technically done anything wrong, you will have a much happier corporate client if you can apologize to any unhappy event guests in a way that smooth things over versus simply shrugging off their complaint.

Look for people smiling

During the course of your work as a Las Vegas corporate photographer, there is one tip above all that will help you reduce the number of complaints you get from people who don’t like how they look in photos: look for people smiling! Any photographer knows that smiles are the best way to capture a person’s good side, and as long as you look for people with happy, smiling faces, you are less likely to deal with complaints about unflattering angles.

Remember: not everyone will like your photos, even with the above tips in mind, but you can reduce the complaints by ensuring you do your best work.



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