Using your Outdoor Voice

Using your Outdoor Voice

Las Vegas Family Photographer – Using your Outdoor Voice

As a portrait photographer, you know that family photo shoots are the bread and butter of the industry. But you also know that one of the most common difficulties when doing a shoot with a family–especially if there’s more than say, 4 or 5 people–is actually being heard! People may have their own little conversations, be running after the kids, or simply be lost in thought.

So, when you’re a portrait photographer on a family shoot and everyone is lost in their little worlds, how can you get everyone’s attention while still remaining professional? The answer is simple: use your outdoor voice! This doesn’t mean screaming or shouting wildly, but honing that oh-so-specific outdoor voice that is cultivated by camp counselors and event planners everywhere.

Your portrait photographer outdoor voice should be upbeat, energetic and cheerful. Imagine that you are working at a summer camp and are trying to get all your little counselors to listen to you–though some of your counselors may be grandma and grandpa. The more excited and cheerful you are, the less likely it is that your loud outdoor voice will be taken in a negative way. And the best part of cultivating a cheerful outdoor voice is that your cheerfulness will be contagious: the more excited you are, the more excited your clients will be, and the happier your portrait photographer photoshoot will be in the end.

Remember: it’s not uncommon for a portrait photographer to need to be heard over the chaos of an entire family. Just speak up, be cheerful, and you’ll be back in control in no time!



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