Keeping it Simple: Product Photography

Keeping it Simple: Product Photography

Product photography backgrounds: keeping it simple!

Not many people believe keeping things simple is the right way to achieve the desired result. But in photography, complex and right doesn’t always fit into the same sentence. Some of the discussions I usually have with my clients before shooting their products bothers on the choice of backgrounds. When I suggest to them that for the background, we have decided to keep it simple and plain, they are like “hey, would that come out great? Well, the different backgrounds are meant to send a different message to the viewer.

Generally, all photographers appreciate the white background. And other simpler setup like a black or mirrored surface. When it comes to product photography, utilizing the uniqueness of the white background is one of the most effective ways to showcase a product. The white background does not distract attention away from the item being shown off, it enhances the details and quality of the products, and it is proven to get the job done time and time again.

White backgrounds options

Even if white background sounds simple enough, there are many possible ways I can set it up. Some are simpler than the others and depending on whether I’m taking still images or moving shots, I decide on the background that best suits the objective. For the backdrop, there are few better than a standard professional screen. I employ paper sweep when experimenting and trying out different ideas as they are easily disposable.

Soft lighting is simple enough

The ultimate aim of product photography is capturing the details – and I find soft lighting to do this perfectly for me. A room with windows is the perfect environment. This way, I have more control of the amount of light coming into the room. When working with natural lighting is not an alternative to a photographic studio, I’m particularly aiming for varied effects. To create more aesthetically pleasing images, I usually pass the light source through diffusers – and they don’t cast shadows as direct light sources do. Having light directed at the backdrop itself improves the overall quality of the images. And I have to spend less time putting finishing touches on the final images.

The result?

Is a clean, smooth look that has everything in place to showcase the products best features and elements. And also the catalyst for producing apparently floating objects and Compelling visuals sure to leave competitors ruing their luck.

There are many Las Vegas Commercial Photographers to choose from so when choosing a commercial photographer be sure to shop and do plenty of research to make sure that you find the best commercial photographer to fit your requirements.



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