Senior Portrait Photographer: What to Expect

Senior Portrait Photographer: What to Expect
Las Vegas Senior Portrait Photographer
Las Vegas Senior Portrait Photographer Christian Purdie. Call 702-530-4384 now to book your next Las Vegas senior portrait photography session.

Senior Portrait Photographer: what to expect

You’d expect senior portraits to be boring. They were not such a big deal, and people weren’t particularly stoked about it. The whole process was just not exciting, to say the least. Those days, guys get bundled up in suits for one session and a shirt and pants for another session, that’s if they bother enough for it.

Hey, how time flies. All that has changed. Today, as a senior portrait photographer it is such a big deal and can be overwhelming both for parents and kids. The added pressure that comes from a friend’s messages before and after they see the portrait is not helping. Expect a barrage of messages sent to your mailbox whether your senior portrait meets expectations or not.

Senior portrait: how important is it?

Being a Las Vegas portrait photographer I have learned that senior portrait is about celebrating life’s stages. Stages in life that only comes once. Achievements that can never be replicated the same way ever again. For teens, it could be their last year living with their parents, the last year in school with their current friends, and the beginning of a new journey into the future.  Teens choose to celebrate their senior year in high school in so many ways, including portraiture. Committing such emotions in memory is in itself, an achievement. For the photographer, the least one can do is to make photo sessions as memorable as the occasion it represents.

What to expect

Teens are curious, always. So instead of wondering how it works, this piece keeps you abreast of our methods and what a general senior’s portrait session looks like.

Las Vegas Senior Portrait Photographer
Las Vegas Senior Portrait Photographer Christian Purdie. Call 702-530-4384 now to book your next Las Vegas family senior photography session.

The mini fashion show:

Towards ensuring it is a blast, we encourage our clients to come with three or more outfits. Hence, everything is covered. In some cases, we send previous yearbook photos and instruction packet to the students to stimulate their interest and let them know what to wear and certain things to avoid. Not necessarily to stifle student options, but to arrive at what works best with lighting and the stories this young lad or lass would like to share.

We encourage the seniors to always pass up what they finally decide to wear with their parents. Besides, the photo is going to be hanging on the wall close to the wedding photographs. Yes, it is important to the parents. And the shoot promises to be more interesting and memorable if young gents & ladies get the thumbs up from mama and papa!

Whether it’s a senior portrait photographer, family portrait photographer I recommend that you give me a call first to help discuss the perfect location and what to wear or shop other photographer’s portfolios to find the ideal portrait photographer for your session and to help avoid common portrait photographer mistakes.




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