Equipment for a portrait photographer

Equipment for a portrait photographer

Equipment for a portrait photographer

One of the most important things you need to learn as a Las Vegas portrait photographer is that there is essential equipment–and equipment that is better left at home. Essential equipment is any equipment that you can’t do without at a portrait photography shoot, whether you’re shooting senior photos, business headshots or something in between. Non-essential equipment is equipment that might do something interesting or fancy but is not a figurative “life or death” piece that could make or break the quality of the shoot. Let’s take a closer look at the most important essential equipment you’ll need as  Las Vegas portrait photographer.

Essential Equipment

The list of essential equipment at a portrait photography shoot is relatively small. You need to bring: your camera, a tripod, and at least one external flash. And–that’s it. Those three simple things are all that comprise essential equipment for a Las Vegas portrait photographer. You may be surprised, but the truth is that all you need to take quality portrait photos is a few pieces of equipment and of course, your own photography skills.

Tips for Choosing Equipment

Now that you know the essential equipment, you need to know which types of equipment you’ll need to bring depending on the shoot itself. For example, if you plan on doing a portrait session at an indoor location with very poor lighting, then your equipment list will need to expand to include external lighting and flashes in order to improve the quality of the shoot itself.

Other tips to follow include:

  • Know the lighting of the shoot location so you can pack additional lighting accordingly
  • Have a good idea of the general size of the shooting location so you can bring the right kind of tripod stabilizer
  • Don’t bring more equipment than you can reason carry by yourself–or bring an assistant if you must bring more than the essentials

And remember: your equipment is only half the battle! The key to getting great shots as  Las Vegas portrait photographer is knowing how to frame your subjects, how to work with both the lighting in the location and flashes, and keeping your eyes trained for those perfect shutter moments.



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