Indoor vs. Outdoor Portrait photographer shoots

Indoor vs. Outdoor Portrait photographer shoots

Indoor vs. Outdoor Portrait photographer shoots

As a Las Vegas portrait photographer, you will be doing plenty of portrait shoots both indoors and outdoors. But what is the real difference between these types of shoots? And what do you need to know about the pros and cons of each type of Las Vegas portrait photographer shoot? The following will help you understand what to expect from both indoor and outdoor portrait photography sessions.

Indoor Portrait Shoots: Pros and Cons

Indoor portrait shoots take place–as you would expect–in an indoor location. Indoor shoots may take place at your Las Vegas portrait photographer studio or they can take place at an indoor location such as a third party studio, a home, public museum or any other space where portrait photography is allow.


  • No need to worry about the weather, temperature or wind
  • Will be able to test out more lighting options
  • Multiple backdrop options


  • May need to get permit to do portrait photography in the indoor location
  • Indoor lighting may be difficult to work with
  • Depending on the venue, you may not be able to bring in lots of equipment

Outdoor Portrait Shoots: Pros and Cons

Outdoor portrait shoots take place outdoors. Many Las Vegas portrait photographer shoots take place outdoors in the spring and fall when the weather is moderate and there are no high winds or temperatures to make shooting outdoors difficult.


  • Natural lighting is amazing for portrait photography
  • Opportunities to use natural landscapes and landmarks as backdrops for unique photos
  • More space to work with than an indoor settings


  • Working outdoors is dependent on the temperature and weather conditions, and you may need to cancel shoots in case of adverse weather conditions
  • Equipment can be impacted by wind, high temperatures, and other natural occurrences
  • Is typically limited to spring and fall seasons, limiting your ability to schedule outdoor shoots

As a Las Vegas portrait photographer, you should be experienced with both types of shoots. Which you prefer will ultimately depend on the type of clients you receive and what seasons you are most active in.



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