Creative vs. Business Portrait Photographer Shoots

Creative vs. Business Portrait Photographer Shoots

Creative vs. Business Portrait Photographer Shoots

Working as a Las Vegas portrait photographer means you will have plenty of opportunities to be creative with your portrait photography work. However, there are times when your creativity will need to take a backseat to an expected level of professionalism–namely, business portraits. If you want to know the primary differences you’ll experience as a Las Vegas portrait photographer who does both creative and business portrait photography, read on to find out the major differences between each type of shoot.

Business Portrait Photography

Business portrait photography typically involves being hired to take professional portraits of employees, managers, and other higher-ups in the company. Business portraits may be standard headshots or they may be quarter, half, or full-length portraits; the key behind this type of portraiture is that they are intended to be used in some professional capacity.

This isn’t to say that you can’t be creative for business photography, but as a Las Vegas portrait photographer, you need to know what types of creativity are acceptable in a business setting versus the types of creativity you might explore in a different type of shoot.

Creative Portrait Photography

Creative portrait photography runs the gamut from senior photos to family photos to engagement photos and so much in between. Creative portrait photography affords you, as a Las Vegas portrait photographer, greater license to do more interesting and unique things with your portrait work. Props, poses, colors, lighting effects–the sky is really the limit. It is best to have a talk with your client about their expectations for the shoot so that you can test out different levels of appropriate creativity accordingly.

Whether you are working on business portraits or a creative portrait for a graduating high school senior, remember that communication with your client is key. The more you know about what they are looking for with their portraits, the better you can deliver what they want.




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