Las Vegas Photography Studio

Las Vegas Photography Studio

Las Vegas Photography Studio

If you are a Las Vegas photographer, you may have asked yourself this question: is it worth it to have my own Las Vegas photography studio? Stationary studio spaces and mobile studios are the most common types of set-ups for professional photographers, but each of these studios comes with a series of advantages and disadvantages that you need to understand in order to make the best business decision for your photography venture.

Stationary Studio vs. Mobile Studio

What is the difference between these two studios, anyway?

In general terms, a stationary studio is a physical studio space that you rent out. A physical studio space allows you to have somewhere to keep your equipment, props, backdrops; you can even set up designated areas for common photography sessions such as headshots in order to make it easier to take them without having to spend hours setting up each time.

A mobile studio is a studio “on the go,” meaning you take your equipment, backdrops, and props with you on the road and set up your photo session using your equipment in a different venue. Mobile studios allow you to travel to wherever the work is, rather than requiring clients to come into your stationery studio.

Why Mobile Studios are Essential

Of these two studios, mobile studios are the most essential to the modern Las Vegas photographer. The reason for this is because they can be taken anywhere, so you can do more types of jobs with a mobile studio than a stationery studio. And with today’s hectic world, most people find it more convenient to meet photographers at third-party venues for sessions instead of travailing all the way to their studio. You can also take on commercial clients and more events when you have a mobile studio, which will increase your business and all around profits.



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