Saucy Shots for the Cheeky Truth

Saucy Shots for the Cheeky Truth

Saucy Shots For The Cheeky Truth

Cheeky Showgirls is a branch of The Cheeky Truth:  A vox pop-style video channel featuring a variety of tongue-in-cheek questions asked to unsuspecting passersby. Last Sunday the Christian Purdie Photography squad took to the Strip to document the latest segment of Cheeky Showgirls.

Here’s what happened:

With multiple cameras, flash equipment, a few tripods, and a camcorder, we brought the inside of a camera studio to the bustling Las Vegas Strip to capture the showgirls in the perfect environment. Approximately 45 minutes before our shoot, the four of us linked up inside the MGM garage—which is not an ideal place to park before a Knights game. Once everything was unloaded from the car, the equipment was dispersed among us. With camera equipment slung over our shoulders, we left for Las Vegas Boulevard to scope out locations to use later on during the shoot—A strategy that allows us to maximize our time with a client. Led by Christian, we met Brendan Stonestreet and his Cheeky showgirls outside of the MGM where the photo sesh began. After brief introductions, the showgirls got into costume and we promptly got to work.

Where we shot:

Because we had scoped out the locations beforehand, navigating from spot to spot was simple. First, we shot in front of the MGM Grand lion statue near a huge ad for Hakkasan. One of the reasons we shot here is because the grandeur of the hotel complimented the extravagant flair of the showgirls. Immediately upon arrival, we set up two Feisol tripods and attached our Westcott softboxes. The next spot was the bridge connecting New York New York to MGM. Choosing the bridge gave us the option to shoot with either hotel in the background, but the narrowness of the bridge slowed traffic up a little bit. There wasn’t an issue though. When people see flashing lights, a photographer, and showgirls they’re naturally intrigued.

Why we do what we do:

The Cheeky Truth   One purpose of portrait photography is capturing the essence of the subject, and that’s exactly what we aimed for on our Strip excursion. Snapping the perfect portrait is impossible without the following: A quality setting, good lighting, and an attentive model. The iconic Las Vegas Strip is an absolute playground for diverse shots and our showgirls were wonderful, but without our Westcott flash equipment nailing down the lighting would be difficult. It was quite pleasant working with Brendan and the Cheeky showgirls, and we intend to collaborate with them on projects in the future. Keep up with our blog if you’re interested in following the experiences of Christian Purdie Photography. Or, if you’re looking to have quality professional work done, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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