Tips for a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

Tips for a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

Tips for a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

I love shooting corporate events out here in Las Vegas. Corporate photography involves taking photos of company events. This could be dinners, awards ceremony, trade shows, conferences, luncheons, marketing campaigns, etc. It feels different from other types of photography in the sense that the settings are more formal. A lot of the guests are not going to be posing for you to take photos of them. The atmosphere is usually subdued and there isn’t a lot of opportunities to get creative.

Yet still, a Las Vegas Corporate Event photographer has to spot the story and tell the story. That’s what makes a good Las Vegas Corporate Event photographer.

Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

Every event feels different, so I have to improvise the majority of the time. But here are some of my practices that are constant irrespective of the event I’m covering.

  1. Shooting From Varied Angles:

There are some events where you can get monotonous photos if you’re not creative. As a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer, if I’m photographing a dinner where everyone is seated and with little variations, I tend to look from more creative angles. For instance, shooting guests in between floral arrangements or capturing the occasion from above does wonders.

  1. Group Shots:

I think group shots are actually the trickiest to work if the group is a large one and the lighting is low. For group shots, lighting goes a long way in determining whether the photos turn out great or not. For indoor group photos, there is the problem of uneven distribution of light. My favorite approach is to bounce light off a white ceiling and keep the group as tight as possible.

However, I prefer to take the group outside for a more light-friendly photo. Natural light outdoors tends to be evenly distributed. The only worry here is the arrangement of the group and having to trigger a genuine smile from them.

  1. Marketing with Abstract Shots:

Focusing on other things except for the individuals have a chilling effect when used for marketing purposes. I found that having a blurry background of people while focusing on a marketing sign or product can be powerful and effective.

  1. Natural Lighting When Possible:

Generally, I only use artificial lighting when I think I have no choice. Besides, an on-camera flash should be avoided when possible because it makes images look staged. Off-camera flash is far better. But still, natural lighting I find gives the best results under normal circumstances.



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