Senses to Use as a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

Senses to Use as a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

Senses to Use as a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

Photography is an art. And as it is the case with most arts, the senses play a significant role in photography. Sight in particular. As a Las Vegas Corporate Event photographer, it’s clear that using your eyes is the most important sense. In fact, that should seem pretty obvious. Perhaps we place too much emphasis on the importance of the eyes in photography to the extent we neglect the importance of our other senses.

You need to bring all your senses into corporate event shoots. Smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing. All of them can be incorporated into your thought process. The result is better photos with more depth.

Using your Sense of Sound and Sight as a Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer

  • Sight:

The photographer’s best weapon and the most obvious when it comes to photography. You can create photographs beyond the obvious. From where you stand, the eyes see the events happening around it differently from everyone else. That’s perspective. The way you see people communicate or interact in a gathering is different from how everyone else sees it. Hence, when photographing events, tell a story from your own “first-person” perspective. Then, tell the same story from a more observational “third-person” perspective. Use your sight to give different perspectives on what people see.

  • Hearing:

Neglect this sense at your own peril.  If you don’t listen to the sounds coming from your subjects, if you don’t hear the signs, if you don’t appreciate the patterns that will give you hints of when is the right moment to take your photograph,  you won’t make good photography because you very much don’t care about your subjects. For instance, you’re in the middle of an event with not much action to be captured. With your eyes feeling tired and stressed with not much to look forward to. Then suddenly, you hear laughter just around the corner, you don’t need your sense of sight to tell you there is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You just go and capture it!

Similarly, if you hear people arguing or complaining, nobody should tell you this is not the time to bring out your camera or put your eyes to good use. You just steer clear!



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