Go Raw With Your Photography

Go Raw With Your Photography

Go Raw With Your Photography

In my work as a Las Vegas photographer, I have learned that it is best to shoot raw. There are many advantages to shooting raw, it helps in showing the true story behind a picture. A raw photograph is a format that captures all the image data recorded via the camera sensor when a photo is taken. It’s not like it’s totally bad when you shoot in the JPEG format. However, the JPEG format compresses image data and the originality of the image is totally lost. Shooting in raw format makes you have all information as none is compressed. This allows you to produce a high-quality image. Luckily, we now live in a technologically advanced world where so many cameras now shoot raw, even the smallest cameras.

Being a Las Vegas portrait photographer, I have found some of the benefits of shooting raw which I’m ready to share with you. First, you get the highest level of quality available when you shoot raw. As I mentioned earlier, when you shoot in raw mode, you capture all the image data from the sensor. These details give you the best quality photos available. The major difference between shooting raw and shooting jpeg format is that in jpeg the camera does its own processing of the images. This is not good because the camera takes away your creative strength when it does this to the photo. When you shoot raw, you are able to do the editing via your creative knowledge and make the decisions on what you want your image to look like. Which gives room for a better result.

Another benefit I have encountered in my work as a Las Vegas portrait photographer when shooting raw is that you are able to correct exposed images. Some images can be underexposed while some can be overexposed. Shooting raw makes it easier to adjust the exposure level and still retain the quality of the image. In my work as a Las Vegas portrait photographer, I realized that shooting raw helps you get better details in your image. Some programs such as Lightroom give you access to sharpening and noise algorithms. Another good reason to shoot raw is that you can easily adjust the white balance in your photo. The jpeg format automatically applies the white balance to a picture. In the raw format, due to more data being captured and recorded in your photo, you can make adjustments easily and faster to get better results.



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