What To Expect From An Event Photographer

What To Expect From An Event Photographer

What to expect from an event photographer

It doesn’t hurt to know what to expect from a photographer you hired to cover an event. Breathtaking photos of any event are an important addition to your organization’s gallery and great for general publicity. Hence, it is imperative for clients to have high but realistic expectations from their photographer.

Having had firsthand experience both as a professional photographer covering events and a speaker at photographed events, here are five things to expect from a great event photographer at your events:

Take pictures at the beginning of speeches: for an event where there will be multiple speakers, it is expected that every speaker is captured at least a few times. A good photographer starts taking pictures after a few seconds into the speech. This way, I allow the speaker to get comfortable and establish a good rapport with the audience. Take multiple shots from different angles at the speaker’s best moment and then quit – until the next speaker comes to the podium.

Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer
Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer Christian Purdie. Call 702-530-4384 now to book your next Las Vegas corporate event photography session.

Mixed Lighting: I have taken photos in some of the most famous hotels in the world. Each one has its pros & cons from mixed lighting, bad lighting, great production lighting, stage, and assembly to the general layout. It’s imperative that you hire someone with a great portfolio, experience, the proper equipment, and deep knowledge of how mixed lighting will represent in the final deliverables.

All the photos are great! As my expertise grew in the photography business, I noticed some changes, 98% of the time, my clients have nothing to complain about the photos delivered to them. Granted not all shots come out great, there are some bad eggs in the lot. An amateur will take lots of photos and show all of them to you. While a professional takes a couple of photos and shows you only the best – you just had a great event, no need to sour it with a poor perspective.

Good value for money: before you hire a photographer, the photographer must have instilled confidence in his/her work. At the end of the day, a good photographer should have repaid that confidence with the work delivered. Before a photographer gets to a professional level, a lot has gone into developing his/her craft. Hence, good photography isn’t cheap. A good professional will charge you a fair price depending on your region and location – and should deliver good value for your money.

Las Vegas Corporate Photographer
Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer Christian Purdie. Call 702-530-4384 now to book your next Las Vegas corporate event photography session

Candids: everyone and I mean everyone asks me to capture as many candids as possible and I do it extremely well, but I always back up the candids with traditional shots. Candids are fantastic and when you get it right they are amazing, but by shooting “traditional” posed photographs as well clients always have a backup.

A photographer’s portfolio will tell you a great story about the style of the photographer so be sure to look and find a good event photographer that fits your needs. Being a Las Vegas event photographer I have the opportunity to visit some fantastic locations of all types and over the years I’ve put together an event photographer survival guide to help other photographers, as well as clients, understand a little better. Event photography is busy, busy, busy so it’s very important to know what to expect from an event photographer and the event photographer’s methods and an event photographer’s best practices to understand prior to your event exactly what you’re going to get when the event is over.




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