Event Photographer Methods

Event Photographer Methods

Event Photographer methods to take a great shot

Don’t be the one who takes the very boring shots of people lined up in front of a statue or a sign, ugh! Take brilliant, artistic photos that will make that event look like it was even better than it was. and be a creative corporate event photographer or private event photographer. Being a good event photographer takes time, practice, and knowledge of lighting. There are many different types of event photographers so it’s important to do your research when choosing an event photographer.

Tip #1: Get the Photography Basics

If you do not know how to work your camera then it is going to show. Learn how to use your equipment from a master. Christian Purdie is an award-winning photographer that has a class on this website and he will teach you the basics of photography in 120 minutes or less. You can prevent a whole bunch of missed shots because suddenly a strobe light is on and you don’t know how to work with that or people are racing around and you don’t know how to capture that clearly with your camera.

Tip #2: Think Outside the Norm

Everyone with a camera wants to line up people to have their photo taken. Then they scurry to the next sign or statue or waterfall and yell, “Now everyone points at the sign!” Oh, those are awful. Go for unique angles in your photographs and don’t ask anyone to pose for you. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to say anything at all. You have your camera around your neck and one hand on it already. Catch someone’s eye, lift your camera, and give a nod as if to ask if you can take their photo. This allows you to work that crowded event fast. In seconds you’ll have permission and a shot that is already set up.

Tip #3: Capture the Action in Event Photography

Action shots at an event are always far more interesting than people just posing for a photo. It is a lot easier to share the joy of a great granny reaching and about to catch the bouquet at the wedding than it is to see her posing with it later, right? Catch a ground-level shot of a baseball player sliding into the home base because that speaks so much more than the winning team photo after the game. George on one knee suddenly proposing to Karen in the middle of the party is more moving than Karen and George posing and showing the ring later.

Tip #4: Always Be Ready to Take a Photo at an Event

You need to be on your toes and constantly ready to take a shot when you are acting as a photographer at any event. You need to constantly scan the room with one hand on the camera. Nobody knows what will happen. It is your job to catch it in a photo when it does happen.

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