Headhshot Photographer: Do It Right The First Time

Headhshot Photographer: Do It Right The First Time

Headshot Photographer: Do It Right The First Time

People often get tense during photo-shoots and could get captured by the camera in that state. When that happens, all the blame is put on the photographer, and his work could go unappreciated. No explanation under the sun is enough to justify such photography outcomes, hence, photographing a headshot becomes more like a daunting prospect. With people looking to you for direction and positivity, you must put all your photography know-how to work and make sure you get it right the first time.

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Knowing how critical people could be of themselves in photographs, getting to dialogue with clients ahead of a session is of the essence. That way, you get to find out how they intend to use the image and their preferred style of the photograph. Many photographers do this via emails. But it is better when done over the phone or face to face, as it fosters some sort of relaxation on clients’ part and helps them to get ready for the session.

By filling them in on what to expect, you’ve succeeded in making them as relaxed as possible, which results in a less tense photography session, thus allowing you to get everything right from the very first time. Every now and then, I get lots of calls from clients who hired someone else, telling me how unhappy they are with the outcome of those jobs, after which they beseech me to come and do it right for them. Doing it right the first time saves clients time/money and the photographer’s reputation.

Clients are not expected to know what’s best for them when it comes to taking headshots. An everyday lady will always want to sample the beautiful environment where the photograph is taken, forgetting, or not even being aware that headshots don’t require distractions that divert attention from the face. In the end, such a picture is worthless. In general, solid, neutral background colors work best for headshots.

To get it right on the first time, you must take it upon yourself to educate your clients on the modus operandi of headshots and put them in the right character for the session. Besides the background, other factors like clothing come into play when taking headshots. If you are looking to achieve a formal style, you must inform your clients about the kind of clothes that suit the style. A formal style requires work clothes; jackets for example.

Another important thing to consider is that the info you pass to clients may be received but scarcely utilized. For instance, a male client could show up for a headshot without his jacket on, even after being informed to come wearing a jacket. What happens then? Will you send him back to get a jacket? His residence could be miles away. So what do you do? This ultimately calls for a need to have spares of every tool required to get your headshot right the very first time. If clients notice that you’ve got their backs no matter the situation, they deem you as the right guy always.



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