Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Painting With The Light

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer - Painting With The Light

Las Vegas Portrait Photographer – Painting With The Light

A Las Vegas Photographer once said that to make a light paint all that is needed is an excellent source of light and a touch of creativity. This combination according to her would produce something stunning.

Painting with light as a photographer is a phenomenal technique which entails illuminating aspects of your background with colored lights or a torch to emphasize a particular object and to add color to the object during a period of prolonged exposure.

One has to be creative and thoughtful to master this art as the craft is a cheap and easy technique to practice. To get it right, one needs constant practice and experimenting. This technique of portrait photography is of two types, and they both produce different abstract effects.  

Apart from your camera, you also need a tripod stand and source of light to practice this technique. The camera should be able to take long exposure images on a bulb mode setting because this adds to the effect.

The exposure time differs for each photographer the best Las Vegas photographer knows how to Practice his exposure time by starting behind your camera, move around the scene lighting up the subject. The amount of time it takes to carry all this out is your exposure time.

Here are different techniques used in painting with light;

Illumination technique

This technique is the best for any photographer when there’s a small source of natural light available. The method involves the use of a lighting source with a beam to light up large areas of the scene.  With the use of your camera, open your shutter and move around the stage, stop and shine the lighting on the regions to be illuminated for some seconds.

Judge the time needed to shine your lighting system using a few exposures and make sure the objects in the scene receive the same illumination. This action would affect the turn out of the picture.  

for the Las Vegas portrait photographer, all photographers to stay out of the line of sight of the Camera when the lighting system is on, or there will be a silhouette figure in front of your object.

Light streak technique

This kind of procedure involves the use of a smaller lighting system such as the LED lighting system or an exposed torch. for many professional Las Vegas Portrait photographers. the lights are not shining on any object in this technique. Instead, angle them at a position where they are a bit visible by the camera.  

You move through the scene while taking notice of the speed at which you move because it is vital to the brightness of the light in the image. You can run through the scene and weave a trail behind as you walk or you trace an outline of an object using the lighting system. This gives the scene a neon type like effect.

The last piece of advice as a  Las Vegas portrait Photographer is on mastering exposure time. Remember that it’s not a simple trick to learn the exposure time on your first trial, but it’s not impossible.  Give it a shot and be ready to experiment. One can make use of Digital cameras as they have made it easy as there’s an option to review the images after they’ve been taken.



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