Event Photographer Leaving Creativity At The Door?

Event Photographer Leaving Creativity At The Door?

Event Photographer Leaving Creativity At The Door?

Leaving your creativity at the door? It’s time to be brutally honest. The CEO of a major corporation does not care about your creativity shots or desire to expand your photography skills. They want solid, professional photos of the events, people, and things that they requested–and nothing more. This means that when you are working as  Las Vegas corporate photographer, you need to leave the idea of a creative photoshoot that will expand your horizons and the horizons of anyone who sees your photos as the door. There will be plenty of times during your as a Las Vegas photographer that you will get to test out your creativity, and corporate events are simply not one of them.

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with clients as a Las Vegas corporate photographer is that these photos are going to be used in some kind of professional capacity. They might be shown as a meeting of corporate shareholders to discuss the success of the event. They might be put into a professional employee calendar that gets sent out to all of the offices. They might be put on the company’s website in order to showcase their success to their own clients. In other words: the photos need to be professional, concise, and within the parameters of your Las Vegas corporate photographer client’s needs.

This means that while it might be tempting to get a cool perspective shot of a unique bouquet sitting outside the conference hall, it’s not a photo that the CEO or other corporate clients will be interested in seeing. This doesn’t mean that you have to be completely boring with your Las Vegas corporate photographer session–but make sure that you have everything your client wants from you as a photographer before you decide to play with perspective or lighting a bit.

As a Las Vegas photographer, you know that the wishes of the client are the backbone of any session. So before any Las Vegas corporate photographer session, make sure you discuss the needs of the event thoroughly with the client so that you know exactly what they want before you ever take out your camera.



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