Different Types Of Event Photographers

Different Types Of Event Photographers

Different types of photography shots for Event Photographer

While the popularity of some creative photography techniques rises and falls, there are some photo tricks that continue to stand the test of time. So if you want to be a great photographer, make sure that you learn to take these shots. Event photographer best practices.

How to make a fake tilt and shift photo

Tilt-shift lenses are expensive. Brilliant, but expensive. Their moving elements enable event photographers to correct perspective distortion in architecture photography and allow landscape photographers and studio photographers to extend the depth of field across a scene or an object in order to make more of it appear sharp. However, there’s a seemingly insatiable appetite for using these lenses in the opposite manner for selective focus photography and film-making. Whether it’s creating a sharp portrait that’s surrounded by copious amounts of blur or making a city or landscape look like a miniature model (the technique used for the opening credits to the BBC’s Sherlock), there’s plenty of creative mileage with a tilt-shift lens.

How to make a forced perspective photo

At first glance, they look like snapshots, but the best-forced perspective photographs are well-planned pictures that can be both creatively rewarding and generate plenty of shares and likes on social media if you’re looking for that sort of thing. The idea is simple: a subject (usually a person) is carefully positioned so that they appear to be merging or interacting with an object in the background – or vice versa – to create an optical illusion. The classic holiday snap of someone appearing to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa was just the beginning; now it’s all bokeh bubble blowing and ‘man eats car’.

How to make a long exposure landscape photo

The long exposure landscape photo has become a modern classic. Exposures typically last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, with the result being that moving objects are rendered as smooth blurs – and can even vanish completely. Stormy seas can be rendered as silky as milk while locations bustling with tourists appear eerily empty. To achieve such epic exposures in daylight requires the use of a strong Neutral Density filter. These range from around 3 stops to 10 stops in strength, with the higher-rated ND filters blocking progressively more light. For example, a scene requiring exposure of 1/6 second at f/16 without a filter would need an exposure of approximately 2min 50sec at f/16 with a 10-stop ND filter.




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Different Types Of Event Photographers
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Different Types Of Event Photographers
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