Photographing big corporate events and personalities

Photographing big corporate events and personalities

 Photographing big corporate event and personalities

Photography, just like any other profession, its a ladder. You can’t reach the top without taking the many bottom steps preceding the few top steps. Starting out as a rookie, but a very ambitious and aspiring one, I’ve always dreamt of working at the top. If you’re honest with yourself, you’d always see your growth and progression taking you where you deserve to be. I think the current life of a photographer prepares you for your next step on the ladder and as you gain more experience and knowledge and skill and expertise, so you gain more step in your wake.

In corporate event photography, photographing large, multi-day events was something I really intend achieving at some point in time. Am not talking about some “one-off gig” here and there, but constant shot working as part of a team comprising CEO and business executives of large corporations. I mean, once you work with the “big boys”, you’ll always want to remain working with the big boys. It’s a high-pressure environment and a creative corporate event photographer with years of experience is the only way to go, because special events need a special photographer.

Las Vegas Corporate Event Photographer
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The stakes are higher at the top

Large-scale production is synonymous to large-scale expectations. As rewarding as it may seem, it comes with its own added pressure. Most of my engagement with large corporate organization centers on creative visual content to serve one or more of the following purposes: advertising, promotion, and documentation. And generally to shoot images that present the companies services and products in the best possible light.

And the subject of this photography session with a large team can vary greatly from industrial premises and equipment, through products and production processes, to corporate events and companies’ staff and personnel.

Hence, working with corporate CEO actually, requires more than just being a corporate event expert. I’d have to incorporate different areas of photography including landscape, portraiture, photojournalism and editorial photography working with a single company or team.

 Experience and Equipment is the key 

Working in a team with Executives and marketing directors requires a lot from the photographer. Everything is large-scale – lights, budget, sound, sets, big company personnel, and industry leaders. At that level, there is no cutting corners, I rely on my experience over the years and high-end equipment to get me through the objective: which is to create a Strong, clean, visually engaging creative content to help my client market, promote, share, sell and explain its brand vision and story. Event Photography: Busy, busy, busy and an experienced event photographer is the best bet for your investment.



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