Las Vegas Event Photographer | Candid Shots

Las Vegas Event Photographer | Candid Shots

Las Vegas Event Photographer | Candid Shots

Candid shots are the dream of many Las Vegas event photographer sessions, but do you know why people enjoy them so much? And how you can increase the number of candid shots in your portfolio and in your client’s photography sessions? Let’s take a closer look at candid shots and why they are the cream of the crop for event photos.

Why People (And Photographers) Prefer Candid Shots

Forced smiles and stiff poses can ruin a photograph. Candid shows show people for who they really are—mid-laughter toothy smile and all. Candid photos are great for showcasing how interesting, engaging and even fun an event can be in a more genuine way. This is beneficial for people in many ways, both financial and social. For instance, a business that hosts a gallery of its latest investor’s event will have a better reputation if the gallery features great candid shots rather than stiff, formal shots only.

There are many ways you can improve the number of candid shots you get as well as their overall quality.

Tip: Keep an ear out for laughter and interesting conversations

Finding the right moment for candid shots is key. To make it easier, keep one ear out for laughter, jokes, and interesting conversations. Then sneakily head over to that area and begin taking you candid shots. Just be sure to be stealthy or the moment will be ruined!

Tip: Don’t force people to smile

The biggest thing to remember with candid shots is their authenticity. If you have been spotted by your subject(s) and they stop laughing or smiling, don’t attempt to create that candid moment with a fake smile or pose. Forced, faked smiles look unpleasant at their best, so it’s better if you leave the forced smiles and repeats of “okay, now smile!” out the door.

Tip: Don’t take photos of people eating

If there is one rule of candid photography you need to know, it’s this: unless you are photographing a married couple feeding each other wedding cake, do NOT take candid photos of people eating. People do not like photos of themselves eating, as they may feel self-conscious or even annoyed by it. So whatever you do, when you see someone pick up their fork, put down your camera lens!



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