Instagram Photoshoot with @KatrinaMayArmenta1

Instagram Photoshoot with @KatrinaMayArmenta1

Choosing a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

While a headshot is typically used for professional purposes, a portrait photoshoot is designed to capture the aura and character of a model. One of the primary differences between headshot and portrait photography is the artistic merit of the Las Vegas portrait photographer. Lately, we’ve been doing a series of shoots with Instagram models. Our latest was with Instagram model Karina (Check her out on Insta). It was nice working with Katrina because her face displays a lot of emotion, which is ideal for a portrait. Here are a few tips for professional Instagram photography.

Finding a Location

A portrait isn’t complete without a good setting. While the model is the most important component of a solid portrait, the photograph wouldn’t be as interesting without a unique setting. We decided to shoot in Downtown Las Vegas around Fremont East, which is a goldmine for a Las Vegas portrait photographer. DTLV is experiencing a ‘Beautification Project’ which has brought a variety of public art to the area. The art varies from wall murals to sculptures, both of which are ideal to take pictures in front of. For Karina’s photoshoot, we photographed in front of a mural we called, “Jazz Cats” because it’s a painting of jungle cats playing jazz instruments.

Capturing your Brand

Your brand is comprised of your personality, your character, and your appearance. While photography can’t really capture the former, it can 100% capture your appearance. Whether you’re a model or just want to have a good photograph of yourself to look at, choosing the right Las Vegas photographer is important.


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