Body Language for the Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Body Language for the Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Body Language for the Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

As defined by the dictionary, body language simply means the conscious and unconscious movements and postures through which attitudes and feelings of a person are communicated. Here’s why that’s important to a Las Vegas Portrait Photographer. 

This means that body postures show what a person is feeling. The keyword here is ‘show’. The Las Vegas Portrait Photographer explains how important body language is when it comes to portrait photos.

Remember that a picture is full of many words. Portrait photos are full of many words to be said about them. From seeing the photo alone, one can deduce the feelings of the person in the photograph and describe it in words.

From the body language of the person in the picture, through the telltale signs, one can make a judgment on the type of personality of the person in the photograph.

There are several types of body languages and each of them can be translated into meanings. As a portrait photographer, there is a need to understand all these body languages as they are crucial in taking the very best snapshot.

The Las Vegas Portrait Photographer lists some body languages and their meanings:

1. Standing with hands-on-hips

This can be translated into aggression or being ready to do something.

2. Standing with hands in the pocket and hunched

This means that the person is feeling dejected.

3. Rubbing hands

This means that the person is feeling anticipation, ready for anything.

4. Pinching the bridge of the nose with the eyes closed

This refers to a negative evaluation

The body languages and gestures are numerous. While translating them perfectly is the job of psychologists, a portrait photographer can also translate them.

There are people who do not fancy talking without being encouraged to do so first. Since they are not speaking, you are left to translate their feelings through their body language.

If your client slouches and sports a half-assed grin, it is quite possible that your photos won’t look phenomenal. All you have to do is compliment the subject, make them smile by telling funny jokes.

You may be thinking that you are not a comedian but that is wrong thinking. Since you work with people, you have to be a people-person. People like laughing and it is rare to see people who don’t appreciate jokes, as long as the joke is not on them. You should be able to bring out smiles on the faces of people.

Your client has already booked and paid for your expertise. That means they want the best. They chose you because they considered you as the best. The Las Vegas Portrait Photographer recommends that you do your possible best to produce the very best portrait photograph.

If doing your very best to produce that great portrait photograph means holding the hands of the clients, figuratively, then so be it. Your talent and hard work will be appreciated for it.

Observation is very important here. The posture and body language of the subject will reflect in the portrait when it is done. The Las Vegas Portrait Photographer recommends being at the top of your game when taking the portrait photograph.



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